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Calling all Music Parents!

We are MUSIC Boosters - We support both Band and Choir activities in all Big Walnut Schools!

Calling all parents of  Choir and Band members!  Come to the next Booster meeting and get involved!

Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month, at 7:00 PM, in the High School Band Room






Big Walnut Music & Marching Boosters By-Laws

By – Laws  of  the  Organization    ( Revised March 2015 )

All by-laws, rules, and regulations prior to this date shall be void

Article I
Name & Location of Organization

Section 1. – This Organization shall be known as the Big Walnut Music & Marching Boosters Inc. 

It shall convene at the High School of the Big Walnut School System in Sunbury Ohio.

Article II
Purpose of Organization

Section 1. – It is the professed goal of this organization to stimulate productive scholarship and
community interest in the instrumental and vocal music programs throughout the Big Walnut  School System.

Section 2. -  The objectives of this organization shall be:

a. )     to advance and promote extracurricular activities related to the music programs of the      
    Big Walnut School System.

b. )    to organize and conduct specified worthwhile projects and events for fund raising (for the  
furtherance of the above objective) in which are considered legal under local and State of Ohio laws.

Article III

Participation is open to all adults residing in the Big Walnut School District, adults with students in the Big Walnut School District, Big Walnut Music Faculty and students. Participants should be individuals with an interest in superior scholastic ability in the field of music at Big Walnut Schools and in that, those students possessing these qualifications will be afforded the opportunity to further their musical talents.

Faculty memberships maintain voting privileges and fulfill the role of liaison to the school administration. Student members are in an advisory role only and  have no voting privileges.

Article IV

Voting privileges are granted to all participants.  When there is a tie vote on a BWMMB issue, the trustees will each cast a vote. If the vote remains tied after the trustees have cast their votes, then the president will cast the deciding vote.

Absentee and proxy voting shall be at the discretion of the governing board prior to any vote taken. 

All participants in attendance (including at least 3 elected participants) at a scheduled meeting shall constitute a quorum and a simple majority (51%) vote of those present shall be sufficient to pass a resolution.

For any issues requiring a vote and decision outside of a normal meeting, the vote can be conducted via electronic communication to the officers, trustees and faculty.  A simple majority (51%) vote of all officers, trustees and faculty is needed to pass an emergency motion.

For any expenditure of $5,000 or more, such expenditure would need to be approved by a vote of only the officers, trustees and faculty.  Only officers, trustees and faculty will vote on expenditures of $5,000 or more.

Nominations for election of the next term shall be submitted at the regular March Meeting and remain open through April 30th. Elections will occur after a simple majority (51%) of all participants present concur that nominations be closed. Voting for new officers shall occur during the May meeting. Those elected shall begin their terms on  June 1.

Article V
Administration of Duties

Section 1 -    A governing board consisting of officers, trustees and faculty shall administer the duties of this organization. All officers and trustees must be active participants in order to hold office on the governing board.

Section 2 -    The elected officers shall consist of a President, 1st Vice president, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and two ( 2 ) Treasurers. Terms of office shall be annually commencing June 1 through the following May 31st.

a. )    Duties of the President and / or their appointed designee shall be to preside over meetings, assign committees as needed to manage the affairs of the organization and promote the objectives of the organization through public engagements. The Vice Presidents shall assist with these duties as required. Any committees shall remain active until they have accomplished the purposes for which they were appointed or until the inauguration of the succeeding term.
b. )    The Secretary and / or their appointed designee shall be required to see that minutes are taken at each meeting and a monthly report is produced. Records shall be retained upon an approved schedule.
c. )     The Treasurers shall share the duties of the office in order to create a balance of accountability and also shall produce a monthly statement. The fiscal year shall begin the first day of July and end the last day of June the following year. An unbiased accountant shall perform an audit each year. In order to comply as a non-profit organization, all fundraisers will be a part of the organization and all monies will be reported to the treasurers.

Section 3 -    Trustees shall be elected each year up to a number not to exceed the number of elected officers and no fewer than 3.  Trustees will serve the same term as all other elected officers. The trustees shall control, maintain, and preserve all property of the Big Walnut Music and Marching Boosters Inc. The trustees shall be the ways and means committee.

Article VI
Leave of Office

Section 1 -    Whenever an officer is absent or whenever for any reason the governing board may deem it desirable, the board may delegate the powers and duties of an officer or trustee to any other officer or trustee.

Section 2 -    Vacancies occurring in any of the duly elected officers and trustees of the organization with submission of written notice shall be filled by a majority vote of the governing board. The person chosen to fill the vacancy shall serve until May 31, the end of the current term.

Section 3 -    Any officer or trustee may be removed for just cause by a simple majority (51%) vote of the members present at any regular or call meeting providing that a two week written notice of such proposed action and consequent meeting has been given to all members of the organization.

Article VII

Section 1 -    A regular business meeting shall be held on a recurring basis at set intervals excluding holidays and unforeseen schedule conflicts. The President and / or their appointed designee shall determine when a meeting is to be scheduled. Notification of all scheduled meetings shall be made at least two weeks in advance. Minutes shall be taken for all meetings of the organization including any closed door sessions by the governing board in which at a later time can be released after the matter is resolved.
    Resolution of any conflict in protocol shall be determined by use of Roberts Rules of Order.

Section 2 -    A meeting agenda shall be distributed prior to the beginning of any regular meeting and presented in a logical order. Each meeting has specific issues. The following order of business is a general guideline.

    Call to Order
    Secretary Report
    Treasurer Report
    Faculty Reports
    Need for Expenditure
    Committee Reports
    Old Business
    New Business

Article VIII

Section 1 -    Notice of intention to amend these by-laws, shall include the proposed changes and  shall be given to the participants at a regular meeting and be tabled for one month prior to voting on the measure. A simple majority vote of participants present shall invoke any changes made at that time.

Article VIV

Dissolution of Organization


In the event of the dissolution of the organization, the assets remaining after payment shall be disbursed and divided between the Big Walnut Choir and Big Walnut Band.

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